National Science Foundation: three grants to paint in Antarctica:

  •  '98, '99: Three and half months at Palmer Station to illustrate two books: Antarctic Journal; The Island that Moved.
  •  '95: Two and a half months at McMurdo Station and scientific field camps, painting for exhibitions.
  •  '85, '86: Four months at Palmer Station to illustrate Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  •  '78 Smithsonian Research Grant to study and illustrate book on Pere David's Deer, (see publications list)

      Awarded the Antarctic Service Medal presented on behalf of the National Science Foundation 2005

      Served on advisory boards for National Science Foundation Polar Art Programs 2003, 2004, 2012, 2013

      Served as juror for 2009 exhibition “Art of the Ocean State”, Wickford Art Association Gallery

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Maryland, 1978


  • aboard "M/V Expedition" watercolors of West Africa, as artist in residence April 2013
  • Newport Art Museum, RI  “Icescapes: Impressions of the Polar Landscapes” Jan-Mar 2009
  • aboard M/V Marco Polo  Exhibitions culminating Antarctic Cruises as artist in residence, all cruises of 2002 to 2008
  • aboard Icebreaker Yamal 2 exhibitions in Russian Arctic to North Pole, as artist in residence 2006
  • aboard Icebreaker K.Khlebnikov exhibition in Greenland, as artist in residence 2008
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA: "Exploring the Antarctic Landscape" May - Nov. '98
  • National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C.: "On the Ice," Dec. '98 - March '99
  • Newport Art Museum, "Painting in Antarctica," Wright Gallery, Jan.- March  '97
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.: "Antarctic Summer," Aug.-Nov. '86
  • Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI:  "Antarctic Summer," Cushing Gallery, Jan. '86     
  • Mass. Audubon Society, Marshfield, MA: "Antarctic Landscape" '01
  • Arnold Art Gallery, Newport, RI: three exhibitions, "From Rainforest to Icefield", '00;
  •     "Recent Watercolors", '89; "Watercolors of Hawaii, Micronesia, Japan, Newport", '83
  • Happy White Gallery, Barrington, RI: "Painting in Antarctica," Jan. - March '97
  • Fisher Gallery, Newport, RI: May '91
  • Remington Galleries, Newport, RI '88
  • Brick Market Gallery, Newport, RI  '82


  • New Members Exhibition, Providence Art Club, January 2109
  • Concord Art:"juried members exhibition"Jan-Feb 2019
  • "America Now, National Juried Exhibition, Providence Art Club, June 23- Aug 11, 2018
  • Little Pictures, Providence Art Club, November 11 2018-January 2109
  • forthcoming:"Environmental Impact" traveling exhibition sequel, scheduled for 2020 (curator, David Wagner)
  • Cell Signalling Technologies: “Pulsating & Contemplative Views of Life” a 2 person exhibition Sept 2016-Feb 2017
  • Open Studios, Waltham Mills Artists Association, yearly 1996 - 2018
  • Concord Art:"17th annual juried Frances N. Roddy Competition"September—October 2016
  • "Environmental Impact" traveling exhibition, September 2013-April 2016
  • "21st Annual juried National Watermedia Competition" RI Watercolor Society, October 2015
  • "Celebrating the Farm" Francesca Anderson Fine Art, September, October 2015
  • Gallery Seven, Maynard, "Reflected" March-April 2015
  • Francesca Anderson Fine Arts, “Almost Miniatures Show” 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Bennington Center for the Arts, “Art of the Animal Kingdom XVII”  summer 2012
  • Bennington Center for the Arts, “American Artists Abroad”  June-July 2012
  • Bryan Memorial Gallery, VT “Land & Light, Water & Air” summer 2012
  • Telluride, CO Plein Air Festival, juried plein air exhibition 2011-2012
  • Wayne, PA juried plein air exhibition 2011
  • Callaway Gardens plein air juried exhibition, GA 2011 (honorable mention award)
  • Kennebunkport Plein Air juried exhibition, Maine Art Gallery 2009, 2010
  • “Acadia Invitational II”, Argosy Gallery, starting August 2010
  • “Kennebunkport Plein AirKennebunkport, ME 2009-10
  • WMAA annual open studios exhibitions, Waltham, MA: 1998 to 2011
  • Maine Art Gallery juried show “Plein air Painters Invitational” June 2009, June 2010
  • Cranford NJ juried show “Plein air Painters Invitational” June 2010
  • National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA  “Antarctica” September-October 2009
  • Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD  “Antarctica” April – September 2009
  • Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA  “Polar Attractions” Jun 2008-Jun 2009
  • Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Lexington, MA: “Almost Miniatures” Show 2007
  • Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA: March-April 2007
  • Arnold Art Gallery, Newport, RI: “Newport: Through an Artist’s Eye” June 2006
  • DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA: “Faculty Show, 2004, 2009
  • Randall Gallery, Jamestown, RI: feature exhibition: Paintings of New England August 2003
  • MPG Gallery, Newbury St. Boston, MA: Land, Sea & Beyond" '01
  • Artana Gallery,  Framingham, MA: group show ‘03
  • Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI: two juried members' shows, '99, '01
  • Frances Roddy Open Competition, juried show, Concord Art Ass'n, Concord, MA '01
  • Lyme Invitational Wildlife Art Show, Old Lyme, CT: '93, '92, '91
  • Annmary Brown Memorial, Providence, RI: "Science and Art: An Inspired Tradition," '97
  • Thames Science Center, New London, CT: invitational wildlife exhibit 

          Books Illustrated

    • Voyage to the North Pole: a Field Journal 2013
    • Stardust in Space text by M. Grady, Frances Lincoln, ‘07
    • The Island that Moved text by M. Hooper, Viking Press, '04
    • The Adelie Penguin, Bellwether of Climate Change, text by D. Ainley, Columbia Univ. Press, '02
    • Antarctic Journal, text by M. Hooper, National Geographic (U.S.), Frances Lincoln (U.K.), '00
    • Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsula, text by Sanford Moss, Columbia Univ. Press, '88
    • Birds on the Move, text by Neal Clark, North Country Press, '88
    • Maine's Natural Heritage, text by Dean Bennett, Down East Books, '88
    • The Joy of Wildflowers, text by M. House, Prentice-Hall, Inc., '86
    • The Biology and Management of an Extinct Species, Pere David's Deer, B. Beck and C. Wemmer. Noyes Publ. '83
    • Volcano Weather-The Story of a Year without a Summer 1816, Stommel & Stommel, Seven Seas Press, '83

          Selected Magazine Article Illustrations

    • Bird Watcher's Digest, cover, paintings & article, "The Frontier of Survival" April '00
    • Smithsonian Magazine, April '80
    • National Geographic Traveler, all issues autumn '84, winter '85-'86, winter '86, '87, spring '87, autumn '87
    • Cruising World, illustrations for 27 articles from April '82 through May '97
    • Ocean Realm, summer '97
    • The Conservationist, July, Aug. '81

          Posters and Prints:

    • National Geographic Society posters, '82 - '83
    • Publication of 65 prints of watercolors: '89 to '04

          Films Illustrated:

    • The Last Chance (Skrentny Ames Productions), for Smithsonian National Zoo, drawings & animated introduction, '79

          Other Exhibits:

    • New England Aquarium, official artist for exhibit illustrations 2003 to present
    • Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD: NSF Antarctic Paleontology (Jurassic reconstruction) February-May 2003


    Antarctic Writers and Artists of National Science Foundation,The Explorer’s Club: Fellow National, Newport Art Museum, New England Watercolor Society, Waltham Mills Artists Association, DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, The Art Connection,  The Antarctican Society, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Concord Art Association, Newton Watercolor Society


    • Concord Art Association, Concord, MA: botanical painting in watercolor '15
    • Concord Art Association, Concord, MA: travel sketching and watercolor '12, '13
    • DeCordova Art Museum, Lincoln, MA: nature drawing, watercolor '03, '06, '09, '10
    • Aboard “MS Expedition” in West Africa  April‘13
    • Aboard Icebreakers “Yamal” and “K.Khlebnikov,” “50 Years of Victory”  arctic ’06, ’08, ‘13
    • Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI: nature drawing, watercolor landscape, perspective drawing '84 to '88

    SLIDE LECTURES (on Antarctic natural history, expedition art, painting in Antarctica and the Arctic, Tanzania: sketching the wild chimpanzees):

    • aboard Russian Icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" cruise to North Pole, 2013
    • Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, Feb 2011
    • Laurelmead Center, Providence RI Feb 2011, Jan 2012
    • Mass Audubon, Canton, MA, December 2010
    • Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA Mar 2009
    • Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, Jan. '87, Jan. '97, Feb 2009
    • aboard Russian Nuclear Icebreaker "Yamal" (Quark Expeditions) cruises to North Pole, 2006
    • aboard Cruise Ship "Marco Polo" (Orient Lines) cruises to Antarctica, 2002-8
    • Rhode Island School of Design, Illustration Department, Providence, RI, Mar 2006
    • Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown, RI, joint presentation with Susan Adie, March 2006
    • Harvard Travelers' Club, Cambridge, MA, March '01
    • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, May '99
    • Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA, May '98
    • Potapaug Audubon Society, Essex, CT, April '98
    • Annmary Brown Memorial, Providence, RI, May '97
    • Happy White Gallery, Barrington, RI, Jan. '97
    • St. Andrew's School, Barrington, RI, Feb. '97
    • McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Sept. '95
    • Southeastern Mass. Univ., Dartmouth, MA, April '87, Nov. '94. Dec. '95
    • RI Zoological Soc., Providence, RI, April '87
    • American Association of University Women, Middletown, RI, Nov. '86

    LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French

    SKILLS: flying (FAA pilot license), sailing, scuba diving (PADI certification), writing


    Antarctica, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Caribbean, Hawaii, Micronesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Norway, Russian arctic, Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland, Geographic North Pole, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Benin, Togo,  Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal